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We are a globally recognized engineering, construction, and finance service provider.
Focusing mostly on energy and infrastructure projects in frontier and emerging markets.

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Infrastructure Sector

We develop physical structures and systems including transportation, health, social and green infrastructure..

Energy Sector

We are hugely involved in the energy sector which deals with the production and distribution of energy needed to power..

Oil & Gas Sector

We intend to engage in the exploration, production, refinement and distribution of oil and gas.

Mining Sector

We are relevant players in the mining sector which is dedicated to the location and extraction of metal and mineral reserves..

we ensure

A Strategic Growth Of Developmental Projects

Our strategic alliance with leading energy and infrastructure companies has resulted in generating awareness, matching project sponsors with investors and DFIs in delivering tangible investment outcomes. Our synergy approach to project delivery has contributed to facilitating new investments in emerging economies.

We determine and develop the most suitable and economically viable construction and engineering methods

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Engineering planning and designs


We ensure the responsibility for all the activities from design, procurement

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Construction and Engineering Procurement


We specialize in advising clients about how best to structure domestic and overseas projects..

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Project Finance and Advisory Services

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